Iru Business Centre - new stock-office rental premises

Iru Business Centre - new stock-office rental premises by the Vana-Narva road!

Sale of the first stage has begun!

Free area:  9489 ㎡
The 1st stage will be completed in fall 2022.

Iru Business Centre - new stock-office rental premises by the Vana-Narva road!

Sale of the first stage has begun!

Free area:  9489 ㎡

The building will be completed in fall 2022.

  • Lasnamäe 2 min
  • Saha-Loo Road 1 min
  • Tallinn roundabout
  • St. Petersburg Road 3 min
  • Laagna Road 6 min
  • City centre 18 min
  • Muuga Harbor 12 min
  • Muuga aedlinn 5 min
  • Ülemiste 16 min
  • Tartu Road 17 min
  • Paldiski 54 min
  • Keila 38 min
  • Vasara bus stop on foot 2 min
General information


Favorte OÜ

Energy label


Start of construction

October 2021

The first stage will be completed by

Fall 2022


Iru Ärikeskus is located on Vana-Narva Road near Tallinn, a two-minute drive from the Lasnamäe district on the territory of Maardu. The area around Iru Ärikeskus is well-developed, good technical and social infrastructure is ensured and many production companies have already found a suitable place for their business in the vicinity of the Iru Ärikeskus.

In close proximity are businesses for convenient worklife – Pärnamäe Keskus with Rimi foodstore, Alexela gas station, Mündipesula car wash and multiple cafes are a 3-minute drive away; a bit closer are Al’s Cafe, Sillburger diner and Neste gas station.

This business development is located near major highways and therefore, there are very good logistical opportunities for the tenant of Iru Ärikeskus.

  • Along the Saha-Loo Road one can quickly reach the St. Petersburg Road to head towards Narva.
  • The Tallinn roundabout also starts from the same point, which opens access to more western settlements such as Paldiski and Keila or the Tartu highway, without having to pass the city centre.
  • Convenient access to Muuga Harbour is guaranteed along Pärnamäe and Muuga Roads.
  • Of course, thanks to the proximity of St. Petersburg, Laagna and Pärnamäe Roads, there are also good opportunities to reach different parts of Tallinn.
  • Vasara bus stop, served by Tallinn bus line no. 30, is a 2-minute walk from Iru Ärikeskus.
Iru Business Centre

Personal parking, paved roads all around the building and convenient loading for large commercial vehicles

Telfer, elevated storage height, multi-level storage, possibility to move goods through the building

Presentable building with excellent visibility and illuminated advertisements along a busy road

Smart storage technology – mobile phone-controlled doors, access systems and a camera image

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