Iru Ärikeskus is a new 2-storey warehouse-office-representation also known as stock-office type of building by the Vana-Narva Road. This three-in-one solution enables the company to bring all its business under one roof and thus save on logistics, communication, staff and ancillary costs. Iru Ärikeskus is part of the Favorte Stock trademark.

The location of the development near major highways offers very good logistical opportunities for the tenant of Iru Ärikeskus. Quick access to St. Petersburg Road and, thanks to the Tallinn Roundabout, to roads leading to other destinations in Estonia is guaranteed. There is also public transport connection to the city of Tallinn.

In Iru Ärikeskus, it is possible to rent commercial space of a suitable size, which can be used as a warehouse / production space and / or trade / office premises according to the tenant’s wishes. Available multifunctional units start at about 350 square metres, but there are also commercial spaces that go up to 1,130 square metres. About 9,500 square metres of commercial space can be formed by joining the units.

Modern and energy efficient solutions will be used in Iru Ärikeskus.

  • State-of-the-art and high-resolution security cameras within the perimeter of the building
  • Programmable access control systems
  • Security set-up of the rental space
  • Energy efficient LED lights
  • Illuminated advertising on the facade of the house
  • Space-based heating control
  • Heat-recovered ventilation in the office
  • High storage height and multi-level storage
  • Smart storage – monitor what is happening in front of the cameras from a distance and control both the overhead door and the security system with the help of the mobile phone application.
  • Possibility to move goods through the building; in from one door and out from the other
  • Paved roads all around the building and convenient loading and manoeuvring for large commercial vehicles
  • Personal parking spaces

The energy efficiency of the building is characterised by low ancillary costs. The proportion of the office and warehouse premises of Iru Ärikeskus allows the future tenant to make efficient use of the space. The space solution of the business Centre may be changed according to the tenant’s wishes and the commercial space may be adapted for use by either one or several different tenants.

Iru Ärikeskus

Personal parking, paved roads all around the building and convenient loading for large commercial vehicles

Big storage height, multi-level storage, possibility to move goods through the building

Presentable building with excellent visibility and illuminated advertisements along a busy road

Smart storage technology – mobile phone-controlled doors, access systems and a camera image

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